New & Prospective Member Update // April 10, 2020

Thank you for your interest in joining Good Food Farmers, and we truly hope you are doing alright during these challenging times.


These past several weeks have required radical transformation in all of our lives. Among other things, this crisis has reaffirmed the value of having a strong local food system, particularly when delivered to your door! One where the distance to the farm can be measured in a straight line, where the farmers are people you come to know, and where the acts of producing and purchasing food are not simply transactional but relationship-based.


Good Food Farmers was created to facilitate this connection and to deliver farm fresh, organically grown foods in a fully customizable, flexible format that works for you. To bring you closer to the farm and us farmers closer to you. To shorten the distance that (y)our foods travel. To remove the opaqueness surrounding food. To increase resilience in our shared food system. And to better ensure the nutritional quality of the foods we all consume and the ecological health of the farmland upon which we all rely.


We have seen tremendous growth in membership over the past several weeks. And while we are a scrappy bunch, we have reached a limit that we cannot immediately overcome. Thus, we will not be able to start deliveries to you next week.


We will be taking next week to regroup and check in with all the farms in the network to better assess our current supply and our 2020 production capacity, as well as to expand our staffing and infrastructure as needed. Although it may feel hard to believe, we are actually in a fortuitous time of year to adjust our plans to serve you, if you so desire.


Our farming operations are scaled to support the members that we serve. Planting calendars are created now that guide our work for the next twelve months. Storage onions that we will enjoy at this time next year were started indoors in February, will be planted in the field this month, to be harvested and cured in July, and stored carefully thereafter to carry us through the winter. And the same basic concept is true for potatoes, squashes, carrots, and more. This summer’s mixed vegetables are being seeded now for harvest in June and beyond. The spinach that has been available to existing members of late was seeded into greenhouses last October and tended through the winter.


For members that have been with us for years, their needs are built into our plans. We grow food with them in mind. We plan for the tons of root vegetables and greens that get us through the winter, and the array of colorful mixed vegetables that we all enjoy throughout the summer and fall.


Although it is difficult to think beyond a given day or week right now, please do consider whether you would like us to grow food for you this season – cooking greens, salad greens, head lettuce, herbs, cucumbers, peppers, squash, eggplant, garlic, onions, broccoli, and more. Should we plan our farms with you in mind? And should we expand our flocks and herds to provide you with eggs, yogurt, cheeses, meats, and more throughout the year?


We will be in touch soon with an update and next steps. In the meantime, please contact us at if you have any questions. (When contacting us, please bear in mind that we are farmers – if our response time is ever a little slow, please know that it is only because we are out in the fields working, especially when the sun shines. We will always get back to you as soon as possible.)


Thank you again for your interest in supporting farms like ours, and we would welcome the opportunity to deliver good food to you throughout the year!


From the fields,

Henry, on behalf of all your Good Food Farmers