In this week’s Farmer’s Choice bags, we suggested pea shoots from Ironwood Farm, sweet potatoes and daikon radish from Morningstar Farm, red fingerling potatoes and yellow onions from Juniper Hill Farm, goat chevre cheese from Ardith Mae Farm, eggs from Dog Wood Farm, and a loaf of San Francisco sourdough bread from Hawthorne Valley Farm.

For our members who add meat to their bags, we suggested a ribeye steak (approx. 1 lb) from Dog Wood Farm. And for those that customized, you had over fifty items to choose from to make your perfect grocery list!

Kitchen Inspiration

If you haven’t tried the grassfed ribeye steaks from Dog Wood Farm, be sure to give them a try! This steak recently received accolades during a butchery workshop and tasting. There are lots of ways to cook a steak; here are a few tips, particularly for pan cooking indoors: remove the steak from the fridge at least ten minutes ahead of time, salt the steak, place oil in the pan or skillet, bring to high heat, add the steak, cook for a couple of minutes on each side, only flip once and flip when you see the edges of the steak start to lift from the pan, then allow the steak to rest for five minutes before cutting. 


The spinach and salad greens are regrowing and will be listed regularly again in about two weeks – Spring is coming! In the meantime, we’d highly recommend a pea shoot and daikon slaw. For this, peel the daikon radishes, thinly slice, and cut into “matchstick” strips. We often like to cut the pea shoots using kitchen scissors or a knife as sometimes they can be a bit unwieldy! Top with a lemon based dressing, or any other that suits you.