Harvest News 4/17/20

New Pre-Order Section & Pre-Order Items: When you log in, you will now see a Pre-Order section in the GFF store. This is where we will list certain items that can be reserved in advance. Although a bit clunky, this system will help us with planning to best assure availability. It is very important that you only order these pre-order items if you intend to receive a delivery for the date specified. We cannot deliver pre-ordered items if your account is on hold, and we cannot issue refunds for pre-ordered items. Please plan ahead!

You will see milk in the pre-order section now and keep an eye out for bouquets of specialty tulips listed here in the coming weeks!


Bread: Each week we are able to offer one variety of freshly baked sourdough bread from Hawthorne Valley Farm. We typically rotate between San Francisco, House Milled Wheat, and Sunflower Flax. The bread for the upcoming week (4/20) is San Francisco Sourdough. An early heads-up that the following week (4/27), we will be offering a new sourdough variety called Jewish Rye.


Milk: We have a limited amount of Chaseholm Farm whole milk available for this week which you will find in the Dairy section of the store as usual. Milk also now appears in the new “Pre-Order for 4/27” section of the store. To reserve milk now for delivery the following week (4/27), please visit the Pre-Order section of the store. You will be billed this week for the milk and it will be reserved for you for delivery the week of 4/27.


Greens: It’s a lighter week for greens so we have placed a cap on quantities. If more greens become available through the weekend, we will certainly add them to the store. Feel free to check back.


Granola: Check out the new granola varieties from Hawthorne Valley Farm! Tierra Farm granola and other nuts and dried fruit will be back next week.


In next week’s Farmer’s Choice bags, we have included green cabbage, yellow onions, mixed roasting potatoes, and sweet fingerling potatoes from Juniper Hill Farm and orange carrots from Sun Sprout Farm; these carrots are long, slender carrots grown in the acclaimed “black dirt” region of Orange County versus the rockier soils on some of our farms! We also have plain chevre goat cheese from Ardith Mae Farm and maple syrup from The Farm at Miller’s Crossing. The Farmer’s Choice Plus bag, which includes 1 to 2 pounds of pasture-raised and grassfed meats each week, will include one package of 100% grassfed ground beef from Kinderhook Farm.


There are 90+ items listed this week so be sure to customize your order as desired. Click here to login to your online account