As you may have read in our previous blog post, The Ebb & Flow of Springtime Harvests, we are entering the transition point in the Spring where the selection of crops will be a bit more limited for a couple of weeks as we transition from greenhouse growing to field growing. But, it’s an exciting time of year as we prepare the soil and plant the first seeds of Spring!

In this week’s Farmer’s Choice bags, we suggested mesclun mix, pea shoots, and cilantro from Ironwood Farm, green cabbage from Juniper Hill Farm, shiitake mushrooms from Rock City Farm, eggs from Dog Wood Farm, and roasted salted cashews from Tierra Farm.

The Farmer’s Choice Plus bag, which includes 1 to 2 pounds of pasture-raised and grassfed meats each week, had a suggested 2 lbs of 100% grassfed ground beef from Dog Wood Farm. 

There were over fifty items to choose from this week! Spring is well underway and more crops are becoming available each week.