Harvest News 4/24/20

This week, we are welcoming Berkshire Worms as a new farm participant in Good Food Farmers. Particularly for those involved in household food scraps composting, you might particularly appreciate Berkshire Worms; Kyle and Melinda grow all their microgreens organically using castings from worms consuming food scraps. The ultimate recyclers! Check out the Garden Mix microgreens available this week. More will be available in the coming weeks.

Due to a bottling bottleneck, milk is only available via pre-order right now and is capped at one half-gallon. We will lift this cap and make more available as soon as we are able. 

Dried fruit from Tierra Farm is back, including dried cranberries grown in Massachusetts. 

And this week, we are featuring the wild fermented sauerkrauts from Hawthorne Valley Farm. Unlike most krauts, these are produced using a traditional fermentation method that preserves nutrients and vitamins while creating rich probiotics and beneficial enzymes. More than 95% of the vegetables used in Hawthorne Valley’s farm ferments are sourced in the region from farms that are committed to organic, regenerative agricultural practices. Try something new and add a probiotic, nutrient-dense zing to salads, sandwiches, meats, and more!

n next week’s Farmer’s Choice bags, we have included pea shoots from Ironwood Farm; cabbage, onions, and fingerling potatoes from Juniper Hill Farm; carrots from Sun Sprout Farm; and salad radishes from Katchkie Farm and Juniper Hill Farm. We have also included either Original or Caraway Kraut from Hawthorne Valley Farm and either raisins or dried cranberries from Tierra Farm. Perfect additions to spring salads!

The Farmer’s Choice Plus bag, which includes 1 to 2 pounds of pasture-raised and grassfed meats each week, will include one package of 100% grassfed ground beef hot sausage from Dog Wood Farm.