Harvest News 4/3/20

Whats new this week?


The salad radishes from Poughkeepsie Farm Project are delicious. We encourage giving them a try. Radishes become spicier with hotter weather, so they are particularly mild yet flavorful at this time of year. 


Bread from Hawthorne Valley Farm is back this week. It is freshly baked the morning of delivery. This week’s loaf is San Francisco Sourdough.

There is a nice selection of bagged greens this week. As a point of interest, all the greens at this time of year are coming from our greenhouses and other protected structures such as low tunnels and high tunnels. Most were planted in the fall and tended to through the winter to be available now. April is a time of transition as we harvest the last of these winter greens and begin planting in the fields for harvest in May, June, and beyond. 

In next week’s Farmer’s Choice bags, we have included pea shoots from Ironwood Farm; red salad radishes and arugula from Poughkeepsie Farm Project; spinach from Juniper Hill Farm, Katchkie Farm, and Little Seed Gardens; yellow onionsred fingerling potatoes, and sweet potatoes from Juniper Hill Farm; and, roasted/salted cashews from Tierra Farm. 

The Farmer’s Choice Plus bag, which includes 1 to 2 pounds of pasture-raised and grassfed meats each week, will include one package of 100% grassfed hot ground beef sausage from Dog Wood Farm. A perfect addition for breakfast, meatballs, frittatas, tacos, and more!