Pictured here is a loose bunch of sorrel. Sorrel is a perennial herb, and sometimes considered a weed, that possesses an amazing flavor profile: sour berry! We guarantee you won’t find another green quite like it. Sorrel can be used in any number of dishes. The simplest use is in a salad. Add a small handful of leaves (whole or chopped), to add a burst of bold flavor.

Sorrel is now also very popular in craft cocktails. It’s sour berry notes make it pair perfectly with all sorts of spirits. How about a sorrel daiquiri? Muddle some sorrel leaves with a couple of ounces of white rum and some lime juice.

Sorrel is traditionally used in soups and stews in a number of different cultures across the globe. A quick search online will yield a number of recipes. Here’s a green borscht we’re excite to try:

This week we had the first of the bunched greens available – chard and red russian kale. At this time of year, the bunched greens come from low tunnels and other unheated, protected structures and the leaves/bunches tend to be a bit smaller. As we head into the main growing season and harvest from the fields, the leaves and bunches will be larger. We hope you enjoy!

In this week’s Farmer’s Choice bags, we suggested Little Gem lettuce (mini head lettuces), kale mix for salad or saute, bok choy, bunched chard, and sorrel (herb) from Little Seed Gardens. We also added scallions and hakurei turnips from Letterbox Farm. Be sure to try cooking the turnip greens – they are delicious! The turnip bulbs can be enjoyed raw – sliced into salad, for example – or roasted. Finally, we suggested shiitake mushrooms from Rock City Farm and eggs from Dog Wood Farm.

The Farmer’s Choice Plus bag, which includes 1 to 2 pounds of pasture-raised and grassfed meats each week, had a suggested package of ground beef (1 pound) and hot ground sausage (1 pound) from Dog Wood Farm.

There were 60+ items listed this week! What did you end up with?