For the Farmer

At Good Food Farmers, we are farmers. Your purchases directly support all of our farms. We emphasize supporting small-scale and beginning farmers, anchored by more experienced growers. And we maintain an unwavering commitment to producing food that is incredibly fresh, grown and harvested with great care, and produced without pesticides, without synthetic fertilizers, without genetically modified organisms, and with the highest degree of animal welfare and environmental stewardship.

a good food farmer harvesting from a field

Long Term Planning & Commitment

At the beginning of each year, we craft a tentative crop plan for the coming season – a basic framework indicating which farms will be supplying which items each week. Since we can never predict the weather, this plan is flexible and we rework it together from week to week as the season gets underway. This process not only assists with production planning but also sets a basic expectation of how much income each farm can expect to generate through Good Food Farmers; this helps tremendously with planning for labor, equipment purchases, etc. At Good Food Farmers, we are committed to fulfilling these commitments – no farm is left out to dry!

Harvesting, Coordinating, & Packing Every Week

Each week, member farms indicate which crops they have available and we create the Farmer’s Choice bag based on that information. We also create the full availability list which changes from week to week. We manage all this from our home farm, Dog Wood Farm in Old Chatham, NY. Once the orders come in on Sunday nights, we pass that information on to each farm and they typically harvest and deliver to us the very next day. We then pack your order and deliver to you!


Every week, the farmers and value-added food producers (our members who make sauerkraut, pickles, cheese, etc) of the Good Food Farmers submit a list of available food to a coordination and operations team, located on Dog Wood Farm in Old Chatham, NY. This list is then used to create our Farmer’s Mix Bags and to update our on-line ordering platform.


After orders are submitted, the coordination team sends out our harvest lists to the network of farmers. All that food is then harvested and dropped off at our pack site (again, at Dog Wood Farm) and custom packed and bagged the evening before delivery day.

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