The only difference between the two subscriptions is that the Farmer’s Choice subscription is always vegetarian by default. We select 7 to 10 vegetarian items for the default contents of your delivery and the average cost is $45. The Farmer’s Choice Plus subscription typically includes the same 7 to 10 vegetarian items with the addition of 1 to 2 pounds of grassfed and pasture-raised meats by default with an average cost of $55-60. With either subscription, you have full access to the 80+ items that we have listed each week and you can fully customize the contents of your delivery as desired. The order minimum is $40, regardless of which default subscription you choose. 

We select 7 to 10 items each week for the Farmer’s Choice bags which are automatically added to your cart. You then have the option of modifying your order, adding and removing any items as you like. You can select items from the 80+ items that we have available each week. When customizing, you just need to be sure to hit the $40 order minimum.

Our pricing is comparable to what you would pay for organic foods from small farms at your local farmer’s market.

No, there is no membership fee. There is an order minimum of $40.

Yes, we charged $7 for home delivery.


If you neighborhood isn’t listed, just send us an email with your address or nearest intersection. We will check the map and see if we can add you to our routes. 

We want Good Food Farmers and buying direct from farms to work for you! You can put your deliveries on hold as needed anytime for any duration, and you can put several non-consecutive weeks on hold at the same time if helpful. You can manage your deliveries from your online account. Just be sure to put deliveries on hold prior to the weekly order deadline (Sunday at 11:59 pm).

Orders are delivered on Tuesday or Wednesday. Your delivery day will be emailed to you the weekend prior to delivery.

We deliver your order right to your door. By default, we will leave your order at your front door and will ring your doorbell if one is present. If you would prefer we leave your order at a different location (side porch, garage door, etc.) or if you have any other specific instructions, just let us know. Please note, unlike mail order food delivery, our boxes do not contain insulation or ice packs. 


Every Friday, typically around noon, we update our availability list for the upcoming week, create the Farmer’s Choice default bags, open the online store, and send out the weekly Harvest News email. The Harvest News email is your cue that the store is open. It also lists the default items in the Farmer’s Choice bags. Once the store is open, you can login and customize your order. You can customize your order from Friday through Sunday night at 11:59 pm.

Yup! You can login and make changes to your cart anytime prior to Sunday at 11:59 pm. When you do make changes, just be sure to click “Checkout” and “Submit Order”. Your order isn’t finalized in our system until Sunday at midnight. We then harvest on Monday and delivery on Tuesday or Wednesday.


We offer a broad range of foods including vegetables, herbs, meats, eggs, mushrooms, yogurt, cheeses, and more.

All the foods we offer are sourced from small and mid-size farms in New York, with most located in the Hudson Valley. We specifically work to support small-scale and beginning farmers. All GFF farms are committed to regenerative agriculture, animal welfare, human health, and building strong communities. Visit the “Meet our Farmers” page to learn more about our farms and our production practices.

Most of our farms are not certified organic, but everyone subscribes to organic principles. It is often too expensive and takes too much time for small-scale farms and beginning farmers to get certified. When you are considering which items to purchase, know that all produce is organically grown. And all meats, eggs, and dairy are from animals that are humanely raised on pasture. We farm because we care deeply about the environment, our communities, animal welfare, and human health.“Sharing your passion for food that is fresh, local, just, and sustainable” is not an empty tagline – it’s who we are, it’s why we farm, and it’s what we do. 

All our beef is 100% grassfed. When grain is an appropriate part of an animal’s diet (depending on the species), all GFF farmers use either non-gmo or certified-organic grain. All GFF farmers are committed to raising animals humanely and doing so in ways that improve the health of the soil and high quality, nutrient-dense foods. If you have any specific questions about any of our livestock practices, please don’t hesitate to ask anytime. 

The products we source are produced locally and typically travel less than 150 miles in total from the field to your door. Fresh greens are typically harvested within one or two days of delivery. All food is produced without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms. We take the utmost care in growing, harvesting, packing, and delivering your order. If we miss something or make a mistake along the way, please let us know so that we can make it right.

There are not too many farms growing fruit organically in the Northeast so availability is somewhat limited. We typically have strawberries in May/June, blueberries in July, melons and husk cherries in August/September, and apples and pears in the Fall. Fruit availability can also vary quite a bit from year to year depending on the weather.


Donations help enable Good Food Farmers to deliver farm-fresh foods to those in need. We work with HOPE Community Services in New Rochelle and Midnight Run (delivering food to the homeless in New York City).

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