Seasonal Recipes


Chard Frittata
A great recipe to use with Good Food Farmers green garlic, eggs, yogurt, and chard! Be sure to add the necessary items to your cart. 

A Basic Chard Recipe
Make it seasonal and fresh by substituting your green garlic for the regular garlic!

Spinach and Goat Cheese Omelet
Particularly if you are signed up for the Vegetarian Bag for Wednesday’s delivery, this recipe is perfect! Use your organic Hawthorne Valley Farm Herbed Bianca cheese in place of the goat cheese plus your organic spinach from Little Seed Gardens and your pasture raised, non-GMO, fresh eggs from Dog Wood Farm. 

Red Spinach Salad with Baked Herbed Bianca
Use your Hawthorne Valley Farm Bianca cheese in place of the goat cheese!

Spicy Quick Pickled Radishes
Easy and fun, makes a great salad or sandwich topper! Be sure to add radishes to your Customizable Bag!

Greens and Shiitakes Sauté
Use both bunches of chard and your kale in place of the escarole and substitute your green garlic for regular garlic for this delicious side dish! Add shiitakes from Rock City Mushrooms to give this dish a bit more bulk!

Miso-Glazed Kale and Shiitakes with a Poached Egg
A most perfect application for this week’s available kale and shiitakes! The poached farm fresh egg makes for a nice addition atop the dark greens!

Basic Roast Chicken
A whole, pasture raised, non-GMO chicken from Letterbox Farm plus butter, salt, and pepper are the only necessary ingredients for this delicious meal! Adding herbs or serving with mustard is all up to personal taste, but this recipe is a great place for the basics. This week, make a roast chicken and serve it with a side of sauteed swiss chard or have it over salad for a lighter meal! 

Hilary’s Favorite Farm Breakfast
Dog Wood Farm 100% grassfed sweet or hot sausage, made into patties. Cook in a skillet for a few minutes on medium, moving the patties closer together once you flip them. Add two or three Dog Wood Farm pasture raised, GMO-free eggs into the cleared space in the pan (and onto sausage drippings! or add butter!). Once the eggs are mostly cooked, the sausage can come out onto a waiting plate, and a handful of pea shoots can go into the pan alongside the eggs to wilt up a bit while they finish cooking. A breakfast to savor, particularly after morning chores!

A Basic Bok Choy Recipe
Sub our Springtime green garlic for the garlic cloves!

Glazed Shiitakes and Bok Choy
A seasonal recipe for the more adventurous!
Roasted Carrots with Dill
A terrific side dish! Cut up our larger storage carrots into smaller sticks.
A host of great Green Garlic recipes
Check out this Huffington Post article for all sorts of delicious uses for Springtime green garlic!
Minced Beef and Bok Choy with a Fried Egg
Be sure to include our grassfed ground beef, organic bok choy, and pastured eggs to your basket to make this yummy meal!
Roast Chicken with Sticky Carrots
A great recipe for this week’s Veggies, Poultry & More box!
Green Sauce with Cilantro Base
Looking for a new sauce? Use your green garlic (in place of regular garlic) and cilantro to make this delicious sauce that is good on meats, as a sandwich spread, or as a veggie dip!

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