Squirrels eating your bread?!

We have had new emails come in about squirrels intercepting bread deliveries! 


Ideally, we would put the bread in your box prior to delivery. However, given that the bread is baked fresh in the morning, it is often too warm to pack directly into the box without compromising the quality of the fresh produce. 


We are still looking into a permanent solution for avoiding the squirrels, including a GFF cooler that would fit at least one box and various other items, including bread. We are actively sourcing a cooler with these dimensions. Keep an eye on your inbox for more information. 


For now, we recommend leaving out a cooler, cooler bag, or other sealed container that can fit your entire bread order. If left where your delivery is expected, our drivers will put your bread inside so that it will be protected. This is a temporary solution, but we’ve had success thus far!


We work hard to ensure the quality of your farm foods from harvest to delivery. Our refrigerated vehicles store your box below 40 degrees until arriving at your door. Once delivered, leaving a cooler out with ice packs to receive your box or retrieving your box as soon as possible are the best options for maintaining quality once we deliver your items. 


If you will be leaving a container for bread or a cooler for your entire order, it is helpful for us to know and so that we can include a special note for our delivery team. Please feel free to email us so we can update your Delivery Instructions.