Tracking Your GFF Delivery

After weeks of research and testing, we’ve implemented new routing software for all scheduled deliveries. The software allows us to send an email or text message alert when your share leaves the farm. The alert includes an estimated delivery window and a link for tracking your delivery. The delivery window provided in the message is an estimate; traffic and other road conditions may cause unexpected delays on our way to you. The tracking link included in your notification will provide minute-by-minute ETA once the delivery is within 30 minutes of the destination. You may want to check the tracking link a few times throughout your delivery day for the most current and accurate information. 


We are working to find a way to notify you the moment your share is delivered. We have not yet found the appropriate software to support this. Until then, we will continue to ring the doorbell upon delivery, unless instructed otherwise. 


We are new to this software and still working out some of the finer details. The app is able to provide an estimate based on a number of factors, but cannot account for traffic or changes in road conditions. We understand and appreciate that this software is an imperfect solution. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to improve our systems.


Please be sure to use this GoogleForm to provide updated delivery instructions, cell phone numbers for text alerts, and emails for delivery updates. We will only use your cell phone number or email if you would like us to provide a notification. 


As always, please feel free to contact us with questions.


Thank you for your continuing support of our farms!