The Good Food Loop

When you spend your grocery dollars in our Good Food Loop, your dollar goes so much further than just filling your basket.  You help keep money in the local economy and support farmers who care deeply about the Earth and all its inhabitants, from the microbes to the macro organisms.

Our Good Food Farmers Pledge

When we call ourselves Good Food Farmers, what exactly do we mean by good food. Can we actually define good food? We’ll certainly try. To us, good food is food that is fresh and flavorful, restorative to the body and the environment, and grown on farms by respected, protected, and fairly compensated farmers.

It is our commitment to you that every bag of farm foods that you bring into your home is full of ingredients that meet that definition. That every single farm product in your bag is:

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Nourish yourself and your family, support Hudson Valley small farms, and use your dollars to benefit the environment.
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The Power of your Dollar

Did you know that, as of 2011, on average, only $0.08 of every dollar spent in the grocery store got back to a farmer? By supporting the farms directly, your Good Food Farmers receive at least $0.70 of every dollar; the rest covers delivery and administrative costs. Think about that: when you spend $45 on food at the store, farmers get about $3.50, but when you spend $45 with Good Food Farmers, the farmers get at least $31.50. Now that changes the system!