Connecting you with farmers who share your passion for food that is fresh, local, just, and sustainable.

We deliver fully customizable bags of food to your home or office, so you can eat well and make a difference with every meal.

Good Food, Strong Community, Healthy Planet

Nourish your family and friends, directly support local farmers, and leave the planet a bit better off with each passing season. Good Food Farmers was established to be a more convenient way for you to buy directly from farms in the Hudson Valley, and to make sure your grocery dollars not only fill your fridge with good food, but also help strengthen our local economies and communities in the process.

Good Food Farmers works with beginning farmers as well as more experienced growers in the Hudson Valley. By working together, we are able to offer vegetables, fruit, mushrooms, meat, dairy, eggs, value-added products, and pantry staples throughout the year. We believe that local food and convenient shopping aren’t mutually exclusive. Experience how easy—and delicious—connecting directly with farms can be!

vegetable and flower share representative of items you can purchase through good food farmers' network

How It Works

Become a Member

We create a suggested grocery list, the Farmer’s Choice mix, of 8 to 10 vegetarian items – produce and more. The items change each week and with the seasons.

Customize your Order

You can leave the default bag as is, or you can completely customize your order from the 50+ items – meat to nuts, bread to bok choi – we have available each week.

Enjoy your Delivery

We harvest and pack your items just in time for delivery, and deliver to your home or office. We also send recipes, cooking tips, and more to your inbox and our blog.

Be a part of the Good Food Loop

By participating in Good Food Farmers, you are joining an ever-widening community of people committed to healthy food and sustainable farming in the Hudson Valley. This isn’t business as usual or a one-way transaction. When you join Good Food Farmers, you not only receive fresh, healthy food, but the dollars you spend are invested directly back into the Earth through sustainable farming practices, into our communities through good jobs and just labor practices, and into the plants and animals that will feed you, your family, and your friends in the seasons to come.

Meet a few of your farmers

Little Seed Gardens

Little Seed Gardens

Little Seed Gardens is a 97 acre family-run farm in the town of Chatham in Columbia County, situated on rich bottomlands at the confluence of two creeks. Farmers, Claudia Kenny and Willy Denner, and their two children, tend vegetables, cover crops and pasture. Willy and Claudia are committed to agricultural practices that protect land and human resources, build biological diversity, and produce quality food for our local communities.

Lineage Farms

Lineage Farms

Jon and Jen Ronsani started Lineage Farm in 2011. Lineage Farm finds its home at Liberty Farms in Ghent, NY where Jon manages fifteen acres of mixed vegetables grown using biodynamic and organic practices and principles, without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or artificial fertilizer. Jon and Jen seek to bring the land to full health. Their sons, Sam and Charlie, can often be seen at the farm or out and about making deliveries.

Dog Wood Farm & Rock City Mushrooms

Dog Wood Farm & Rock City Mushrooms

Henry Corsun and Sara Querbes founded Dog Wood Farm in 2014. The farm includes pastured poultry, chicken eggs, turkeys, grassfed beef, and cultivated mushrooms. Henry has been farming since 2012 and manages both the farm & Good Food Farmers. Although an integral part of the team, Sara helps on the farm part-time while simultaneously pursuing a PhD.

Good food is

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